The AirPods 2 revelation by Tim Cook has created the next big Twitter meme

Apple has announced several new hardware products this week including a new iPad mini and updated AirPods. To announce these two products, Tim Cook shared a couple of pictures that immediately became the template for Memes. The first image was released on Monday, with Cook unveiling a new iPad Mini with Apple Pencil support. This morning the same picture was shared – but this time, Cook wore AirPods and drew the AirPods case on the iPad mini. That’s how the fun really got started. It is not the first time that Apple has triggered a viral Twitter meme. During the December holidays, “AirPods for Christmas” became viral as users began using AirPods as a status symbol of longing. As expected, this AirPods meme found its way to this iPad Twitter meme: “YouTuber Marques Brownlee took the opportunity to mock the unpublished AirPower charge mat. The popular Jony Ive Parody account took a similar approach to using the memes. Another pair of Twitter users guessed that Cook used the Apple Pencil to express his love for Samsung. Another mocked the excessively large volume indicator on iOS. Tim Cook’s Twitter account has been a good source of humor lately. Earlier this month, President Trump made the mistake of calling Cook a “Tim Apple” during a meeting. However, Cook reacted with the change by changing Tim Cook’s Twitter display name to Tim. Of course, “Tim Apple” was used in this latest iPad meme format: As always, as long as you interpret these tweets as carefree fun, this is another example of the spread of AirPods on Twitter. Did you create memes based on Tim Cook’s Tweet today? Share your favorites

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